Thursday, 25 June 2015


Judy Nir Mozes Shalom's tweet wasn't new. Many found it offensive, although it is debatable why.  President Obama is many things and one of them is that he will be the target of jokes like all presidents before him. But rather than get into a deep discussion I'd prefer to offer alternatives to what I hope could be a trending hashtag: #ObamaCoffee.
#ObamaCoffee:  Weak and Ersatz
#ObamaCoffee:  Reminds me of chickens---- , oops, I meant Bibi
#ObamaCoffee: JNMS: You are like the kettle calling the POTUS weak
#ObamaCoffee: Kaluha and Vodka makes a drink that isn't politically correct.  #ObamaCoffee and #PutinVodka doesn't mix well (the #PutinVodka overpowers everything else)
#ObamaCoffee: Put that in your mug and drink it
#ObamaCoffee: You think Twitter is revealing, try JNMS's Reddit account
#ObamaCoffee: Presently not available in Jerusalem, Israel
#ObamaCoffee: After six years as POTUS, #ObamaCoffee seems a bit bitter and stale
#ObamaCoffee:  One cup and you will stay up all night worrying about a nuclear Iran.
#ObamaCoffee: We salute (with) it
#ObamaCoffee:  The British prefer tea
#ObamaCoffee:  So does Barack Obama
#ObamaCoffee:  Try the  fine ground  Netanyahu Blend. Best in a French Press.
#ObamaCoffee: The Iranian Blend is 30% enriched
#ObamaCoffee: Just don't ask Obama to serve you some (remember, he is wearing the tuxedo because he is the POTUS, not the waiter)
#ObamaCoffee:  Don't blame Bill Clinton. He said it before he had his morning coffee (  "A few years ago, this guy would have been getting us coffee,")
All this is in the spirit of humor and nothing else.

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